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 Students are expected to bring appropriate materials to class. Students need a pencil, math binder, red pen, and all assignments.


Classroom Rules

District policies are followed as outlined in the school-wide Student Code of Conduct.



Homework is an important part of learning and mastering math concepts. Students should expect to have homework, on average, 3 times a week. This is to reinforce concepts taught in class. Homework is to be done in pencil with ALL work shown. All homework assignments are due the following school day. Students will receive a notification for any missing assignment (Reminder: 3 notifications = 1 office referral).



Absent Work Policy

Students are expected to complete assignments on time. In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to check the absent work folder for missed work and notes. The student will have 2 days, per absence, to complete any missing assignments. If there are extenuating circumstances that caused the assignment to be late, then parents should email, or remind message, the child’s math teacher to make arrangements.



We follow the district grading policy.

100-93 – A

92-85- B

84-75- C

74-70- D

Anything below a 70- F


Weighted Grading Scale

Homework/Classwork 60%

Quizzes 10%

Tests 30%


Corrections for Partial Credit

Students have the option of correcting any homework or test.  The corrections are due 1 week after the graded assignment has been handed back.  Students may receive help on any corrections from classmates, parents, or teacher (by appointment only).


In order to correct an assignment, you must do the following:

-       On a separate sheet of paper

-       Number the question/problem and rewrite it.

-       Write at least TWO complete sentences explaining what your error was and what you need to do to correct it. Write enough to prove you understand it now.

-       Show all work to correct the problem or question and include the right answer.

* You can earn as much as ½ the missed points back.


      Example Sentences for Corrections

“I made a mistake with exponent rules in the original expression. I should have added the exponents, but instead I multiplied them. To fix this, I will have to use the product rule instead of the power rule.”


“My error was a simple multiplication mistake. The volume for the cylinder that I found was twice as big as it should be because I accidentally multiplied the height and area of the base incorrectly. I wrote that 6x4 was 48. It was just a silly mistake.”