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The 2017 Director of Schools Writing Celebration LHMS Winners!
Posted On:
Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Director of Schools Writing Celebration is an exciting young authors program sponsored by the Hamblen County Department of Education. Any student in grades K-12 was eligible to participate by authoring a piece of individual writing or contributing to a class book.Using holistic scoring, the books were judged for first, second, and third place on different genres at the school level. First place winners from each school were then sent to the Department of Instruction for a system-wide competition.

The Director of Schools Writing Celebration 2017 winners for LHMS are listed below. Congratulations to these wonderful writers!

8th Grade

Tatiana Cupp, ABC Book on Big Words, Second Place

Zelya Elkins, Lilly’s Adventure, Adapted Children’s Book, Second Place

Alanna Lewandowski, Halfway Around the World with Amelia Earhart, Biographical Sketch, Second Place

Ashton Johnson, Davy Crocket, Biographical Sketch, Third Place

Sara Nichols, Creatures of the Night, Fairy Tale, Second Place

Haley Guinn, A Tale of Treasure, Fairy Tale, Third Place

Esmeralda Cerritos Martinez, Surviving the Holocaust, Graphic Book, First Place

Yulianan Resendiz, Asrabeth, Original Tale, Third Place

Dammion Ayers, The Three Wishes, Parable, First Place

Yesenia Perez Espinoza, Close your Eyes, Open Your Mind, Poetry, Second Place

Agustin Soto, Wonders of the World, Non-Fiction Science, Second Place


7th Grade

John Tyler Winstead, The ABCs of Great Movies, Second Place

Hunter Delaney, Animal Alphabet, Third Place

Will Hunley, The Story of Blue Jeans, Non-Fiction Language Arts, Second Place


6th Grade

Mrs. Thacker’s Second Period Class, The LHMS Book of Poetry, Class Book, First Place


Congratulations to Esmeralda Cerritos Martinez on her Director’s Writing book scoring Exemplary. Her book is titled “Surviving the Holocaust.” Esmeralda will be honored at the May 9th school board meeting.

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