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Reward Day
Carly and Emily
House Party Pictures
2017 House Party!
History Comes to Life!
7th & 8th "Living Museum"
7th Grade Living Museum Video 8th Grade Living Museum Video
Check out Mr. Ely and Ms. Lloyd as they help their students remember important test...
Take a look at the Middle School Art Show 2017!
Check out the talented students at LHMS! LHMS Talent Show 2017 VIDEO
Eric Hyche, Groupon App Writer and Kingsport School Board Member, taught LHMS STEAM...
Check out our scholars being honored at the Hamblen County Middle School Scholars...
Lincoln Principal Shares Lincoln Promise with the School Board
Can you spell C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N?
Ruben Bautista, LHMS 2017 Spelling Bee Champion
Watch video from the induction ceremony
Thesis Building at LHMS!
This is just a sample of Egyptian projects turned in by Mr. Hurst and Mr. Martin's...
Egyptian Projects
This is a snapshot of Mr. McCloud's study of African civilizations and how important...
LHMS House Pep Rally Video! Pictures can be seen by clicking on the 2016-2017...
Schoolwide House Party!
LHMS students are creating cells!
Students in Beth Weatherall's classes are being taught graphing with the use of...
Mr. Voiles spoke to LHMS staff and students prior to his Nashville trip where he...
Derek Voiles, TN TOY
Voiles Honored with Reception
Voiles Pep Rally
Scientific Tools in use at Lincoln Middle!
Ping Pong Launcher Experiments
Watch our 6th grade students spin for a spot in their new house!
Check out Melanie Coffey's Science students performing a bubble lab!
Bubble Lab
Take a look inside a forensics lesson at Lincoln Middle
College and Career Day Video
Watch Taylor Sing!
Watch the "Annie" Cast
Take a look at Hamblen County's Middle School artwork on display at the Rose Center!
Karen Hernandez's 8th Grade Language Arts students gave reports on People Who Have...
Students in Karen Hernandez's 8th Grade Language Arts classes wrote about the victims...
Check out LHMS 6th graders learning about electricity!
Recently, the 6th grade Language Arts classes under the leadership of LHMS teacher,...
Mr. Bryant organized another great showing to support our community.  Click...
Click here to see the video of the first meeting
A Witt Elementary student and a Lincoln Heights Middle student are surprised at...
Watch student participate in a detailed essay exercise in Mrs. Neill's Language...
Students learn about the contents of popular beverages and calculate their nutritional...
Watch seventh grade teachers express their thankfulness for their students. 
Watch the students in Jason Martin's and Austin Hurst's 6th grade Social Studies...
Click here to watch a video of LHMS students at the school's first ever Jr....
Take a look at our great Egyptian projects!
Students recently had a unique experience of getting to walk-through a cell!
Pink Day Photos
Crimes Investigators in 6th Grade!
Watch Lydia Hutsell's Lincoln Heights Middle School's Girls Physical Fitness Class...
Watch student speakers encourage their peers in FCA meeting
Watch LHMS gym students receive a lacrosse lesson from Mark Bodo, Vice President...
Watch the LHMS News Team deliver the morning announcements LIVE to the classrooms
Watch the presentation of Guys & Dolls (please allow time for download-file...
Watch Lincoln Middle's groovy TCAP pep rally!
Watch students SAVE LIVES!
See photos of the middle school students reading books to the elementary students
What precisely is he teaching?!
Get a race form
Click here to watch a video from 7th grade math class.
Watch students get moving!
Circuit Training
Watch the jump!
After her students surpass the goal set, Mrs. Hernandez follows through on her promise! ...
Mrs. Hernandez
Watch Beta Club President, Matthew Swann, as he explains how the Christmas Tree...
Watch LHMS's Choir Christmas Concert
Watch students as they enjoy the artifact dig!
Take a look at some of the awesome Egyptian projects created by 6th grade Social...
6th Grade Egyptian Projects
Watch them burn calories while having FUN!
Dance Fitness
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Food City
Watch LHMS students at pep rally
House Pep Rally
Watch Lincoln Middle's students and staff pep up for the TCAPs!
Staff at TCAP Pep Rally
Want to know about upcoming assignments?
Math Alerts
Want to know about upcoming assignments?
Language Arts Alerts
Like 7th Grade Language Arts!
Watch LHMS students appreciating their bus drivers on UTRUST's Bus Driver Appreciation...
Bus Driver Appreciation Day
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Talent Show 2017 LHMS STEAM Club Learns About Drones! Middle School Scholars Banquet 2017! Lincoln Principal Shares Lincoln Promise with the School Board LHMS Announces the 2017 Spelling Bee Champion! Beta Club Inducts New Members Thesis Building at LHMS! Walk Like an Egyptian! Mr. McCloud's Class Strikes Gold! LHMS House Pep Rally! Cells! Beth Weatherall is Teaching Graphing with White Board Tables Voiles Speaks at LHMS Voiles Honored with Reception Voiles Pep Rally Send-Off Using Scientific Tools at Lincoln Middle 2016 Ping Pong Launchers! 6th Grade Students Spin for a House! Bubble Lab! Forensics Lincoln Heights Middle College and Career Day! Taylor Simmons Sings "Little Girls" for the School Board LHMS Cast Performs for the School Board! Middle School Art Show at Rose Center People Who Have Changed the World 8th Grade Writes About Holocaust Victims and Survivors ELECTRIFYING 6th Graders! 6th Grade Language Arts Classes Hold Mock Court Calloway Christmas LHMS Pilots Lincoln Promise Uncle Makes Surprise Return Visit from Military Service Detailed Essay Exercise in Mrs. Neill's Class Rethink Your Drink 2015 We Are Thankful for You! Archaeological Dig in 6th Grade Social Studies Jr. Beta Club Coronation Ceremony Egyptian Projects Walk Through a Cell with Lincoln Students! PINK Day! 6h Grade Crime Investigators LHMS Girls Physical Fitness Class Tries Dance Fitness! Vikings Vs Patriot Day Game Blue Day! FCA Meeting Student Speakers Gym Class Gets Lacrosse Lesson! LHMS News Team Check out Guys & Dolls presented by the 8th grade choir! A Groovy TCAP Pep Rally! LM STAT! Lincoln Middle Students Read to Lincoln Elementary Students Mr. Fowler teaches precision 2015 3rd Annual Patriot Paul Revere 5K Race Form Rethink your Drink? LHMS Line Circuit Training Mr. Ely and Mrs. Lloyd Bunjee Jump for Good Scores! Mrs. Hernandez donates her hair! Beta Club Christmas Tree Project LHMS Choir Christmas Program Mr. Hurst's 6th Grade Students Dig for Artifacts 6th Grade Social Studies Students Create Awesome Egyptian Projects Coach Hutsell's 8th Grade Girls P.E. Class Tries Dance Fitness Food City Value Card Whose In Your HOUSE? LM Pep Rally LHMS Varsity & JV Football Schedule Lincoln Peps Up for TCAP Tests 2014! Get Text Messages from 7th Grade Math Get Text Messages about 7th Grade Language Arts Classes 7th Grade Language Arts Facebook Page Bus Driver Apreciation Day MyPaymentsPLUS