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Sports Events
•  Track Meet at Jeff vs Jeff & Rutledge  (Track & Field)
Time: 4:30 PM
Morning Tutoring!
Do you need extra help on homework for any subject?  You get get free homework help Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from...

Watch students SAVE LIVES!

Lincoln Middle Students Read to Lincoln Elementary Students   
See photos of the middle school students reading books to the elementary students

Mr. Fowler teaches precision   
What precisely is he teaching?!

2015 3rd Annual Patriot Paul Revere 5K Race Form   
Get a race form

Rethink your Drink?   
Click here to watch a video from 7th grade math class.

LHMS Line Circuit Training   
Watch students get moving!

Mr. Ely and Mrs. Lloyd Bunjee Jump for Good Scores!   
Watch the jump!

Mrs. Hernandez donates her hair!   
After her students surpass the goal set, Mrs. Hernandez follows through on her promise!  Watch the video

Beta Club Christmas Tree Project   
Watch Beta Club President, Matthew Swann, as he explains how the Christmas Tree Project works

LHMS Choir Christmas Program   
Watch LHMS's Choir Christmas Concert

Mr. Hurst's 6th Grade Students Dig for Artifacts   
Watch students as they enjoy the artifact dig!

6th Grade Social Studies Students Create Awesome Egyptian Projects   
Take a look at some of the awesome Egyptian projects created by 6th grade Social Studies students

Watch Lincoln Middle's New Virtual Tour   
Learn More About Lincoln Heights Middle School!

Coach Hutsell's 8th Grade Girls P.E. Class Tries Dance Fitness   
Watch them burn calories while having FUN!

Food City Value Card   
You must update your card each school year!
Food City

Whose In Your HOUSE? LM Pep Rally   
Watch LHMS students at pep rally

LHMS Varsity & JV Football Schedule   

Lincoln Peps Up for TCAP Tests 2014!   
Watch Lincoln Middle's students and staff pep up for the TCAPs!

Get Text Messages from 7th Grade Math   
Want to know about upcoming assignments?
Math Alerts

Get Text Messages about 7th Grade Language Arts Classes   
Want to know about upcoming assignments?
Language Arts Alerts

7th Grade Language Arts Facebook Page   
Like 7th Grade Language Arts!

2014 Patriot Paul Revere 5K Race Results   

Bus Driver Apreciation Day   
Watch LHMS students appreciating their bus drivers on UTRUST's Bus Driver Appreciation Day, September 12th

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